Tar and gravel built-up roof systems are the most common roof system in Southwestern Ontario. Brubacher Industrial has been a leader in tar and gravel roof restoration systems, with millions of square feet restored since 1966.

Silicone Roof Restoration System

Our Silicone Roof Restoration System is fully adhered to your existing tar and gravel roof. We achieve this by removing the gravel and using a planer to make your roof smooth. Roof deficiencies are addressed, penetrations are reinforced and then asphalt emulsion and polyester are used as a base for the silicone membrane. The result is a fully adhered, fully reinforced, seamless membrane with superior weatherability.

System Benefits

Seamless Membrane - 95% of roof leaks on single ply membranes are due to failure of seams. Our fluid applied systems are monolithic. No seams. No leaks.

Lasts Indefinitely - Only the silicone topcoat needs to be re-applied to renew your minimum 10-year warranty.

Total UV Blocking - Our restorations systems keep heat off your roof, reducing membrane stress and heat-accelerated degradation.

No Tear-off Required - Eliminating any interference with production saves you money and keeps unnecessary waste out of our landfills.

Cost Effective - Our restoration systems are generally half the cost of roof replacement. This allows you to upgrade twice the roof coverage on the same budget.

Fully Adhered

Our restoration systems are fully bonded to your existing roof. Roof coverings that are not fully adhered are subject not only to wind damage but also to condensation build up in between roof layers, which in time causes severe damage.

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